The Pleasant City – ”The Moose” [Charging Rack For Electrical Scooters] (Contest Entry, 2019)

"The Moose" is Sanning Arkitekter's entry to Smekab Citylife's 72-hour contest The Pleasant City – the purpose of the contest was to capture innovate ideas and visions of the products of tomorrow and the development of them. It was also encouraged to consider steel as a primary material. We quickly produced a proposition about dedicated charging racks for electrical scooter, with solar charge as an option. Our aim was to resolve the chaotic situation on the streets of Stockholm, where electrical scooters were frequently found in the middle of streets as well as blockading movement on pavements. That would be pleasant, wouldn't it?

Below follows some images from the delivered contest entry.

The first spread of the entry. Here the solar charge attachment option is shown.

Charging racks for electrical scooters lined up in front of the Central station of Gothenburg.

The electrical scooter 3D model is made by Andrés Brañas Rey and is available for download here.

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