Meet MAT 2 – ”Meet Don Mat Pesci” (Contest Entry, 2020)

"Meet Don Mat Pesci" is Sanning Arkitekter's entry for Allegorithmic's texturing contest Meet MAT 2 – the rules were simple: all participants used the same 3D model as a starting point ("Mesh Mat"), and the same tool to their disposal (Substance Painter), only to freely texture the 3D model to their heart's content and guided by their artistic vision, only limited by the topology of the mesh (displacement was allowed, and encouraged, but since displacement only has an effect perpendicular to the tangent [in the same direction as the normal] for any given point on the surface of the mesh, it is not without limits).

Our vision was to transform the default mesh into a deep sea creature; a sort of fish with faintly luminescent fins and glittering scales, and guided by the topology we had the head endowed with an old foundered steam ship telegraph, servicing as a diving bell – only in an opposite manner for our mischievous sea creature.

The motto of the entry was accompanied by the following comment:

During the day, Don Mat Pesci is sleeping with the deep-sea fishes, but at night, if you are in terrible luck, you'll catch a glimpse of his luminescent fins, with his head donned in a half-bling, half-waterbreathing chadburn, while he scouts the shore for prey to lure down in the water.

For more images, found on Sanning Arkitekter's Artstation, please follow this link.

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